24+ School Fundraising Ideas: Best Ways to Raise Money

If we do not have your particular sport check out our selection of other fundraiser suckers that are great pinch hitters. Lollipop fundraisers are unique in that there are choices galore. We offer more than a dozen different shapes and types of lollipops. You can choose from different shapes depending on the time of year and the type of group you have. There are Christmas shapes, Valentine’s Day shapes, and sports shaped lollipops. If you’re a school, PTA, or nonprofit organization looking to reach your full donation potential, check out Donorbox Premium!
This makes a giving day a great idea to easily collect funds as well as an opportunity to encourage your parents to check their company’s policies. One of the classic school fundraising methods is to collect donations at fundraising events like sports games, field days, and dances. Who wouldn’t love a night out to watch a movie with family and friends? This is a super fun school fundraising idea with lots of flexibility depending on your budget and resources.
In this twist on the classic American sport, cheerleaders make up the football teams, and the football players become cheerleaders rallying supporters from the sidelines. Nobody wants to wash their own smelly pup, and groomers can get so expensive! Offer a more affordable solution with a dog wash fundraiser. Encourage students, parents, teachers, and community members to bring their furry friends to be bathed by student volunteers for a reasonable price. Invite the community to join in on a school fundraiser fun run. Set a distance like 5K, and ask for donations from those who wish to participate.
When it comes to high school fundraising, students have a new awakening. Elementary school kids can be introduced to fundraising ideas and embrace them with energy and eagerness to try new things. Still, their parents’ enthusiasm to get involved makes fundraising happen. There are endless fundraising options for high school students and groups. Be creative and ask students for their input and ideas when planning a high school fundraiser.
school fundraiser companies and teachers are often already overwhelmed by work. And brainstorming a good PTA fundraising idea would be additional work they might not have time for. This is where these fundraising ideas will work wonders and help you get creative and unique in your ways to raise money. Our top 9 picks can easily be adapted for any school or grade level. Talent shows are pretty common school fundraising ideas that work equally well in the PTA fundraising world. To add a fun twist to this PTA fundraising idea, instead of having students perform – organize a talent show where parents and teachers will perform instead.