Fundraising Ideas for Firehouses

Gather soap, sponges, and some of your best volunteers to wash cars in your community. Ask your local mechanic to donate time removing any dangerous materials or liquids from the car. Ask a local yoga teacher to lead the meditation, and charge a small registration fee.
For example, if your community is holding a festival, place a little table alongside a heavily walked area and watch the buttons sell faster than hot cakes. ● An Add-On – Say your Firehouse is featuring a different type of fundraiser, for example, a pizza night. To help curve the cost, increase the price of the other fundraising items by a small amount. This not only covers your cost of manufacturing the buttons, but also gives an extra incentive for supporters to purchase the main fundraising product.
Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas which artists will be in town soon, what award shows are coming up, and when tickets are available for stage performances to make sure your items are up-to-date. The idea behind a candy gram fundraiser isn’t just to make sure people have a reason to visit the dentist in January. It’s also a great way to help people show their friends and loved ones they care about them during the holidays. For this simple and inexpensive fundraising idea, you just need to fill a couple hundred water balloons with water. This fundraiser can help you raise awareness and money for your cause. What’s better than eating a tasty meal in bed while wearing your pajamas?
To bring this quick fundraising idea to life, you’ll need a package of straws. From there, you’ll write prizes down on little pieces of paper and stick them on the straw or inside the straw. Put the straws in a jar and charge participants fifty cents or $1 for each straw.
Book a Demo with Glue Up and we’ll show you how our engagement platform can boost your next fundraising event. For those who are microphone shy put on a lip-syncing competition. Participants can pay to enter and get the chance to showcase their performance skills AND claim a prize for the best performance. You could even include small prizes for different categories, such as best dressed, best dancer, best Cher impression, etc. Charge a base fee for entry to maximize your fundraising potential.