How Does a Silent Auction Work? Plus Tips to Enhance Your Silent Auctions

By encouraging friendly competition, you can increase your potential revenue and create a fun environment for your donors to participate in. This introduces them to your organization, potentially converting them into new donors or supporters. This can help build anticipation for the event and encourage followers to attend and bid on items. With fewer moving parts and a streamlined process, this type of fundraiser can also be less stressful for those organizing the event. This can make it more accessible for a broader range of supporters to participate in the fundraising process.
In 2022, we held 384 public auctions and issued about $15 trillion in Treasury marketable securities. The ECNL is the nation’s leading youth soccer development platform. Tehama County has so much to offer, from its natural beauty to its vibrant community. We are committed to maximizing the potential of our county for the greater prosperity and quality of life of all who call it home and place of business. We also recognize the importance of continuous learning and development for businesses.
Different organizations will have different rules for their events, but using silent auction software can help you manage any kind of process. A large part of running a silent auction occurs in the planning stage. There is a wide array of tasks that needs to be checked off before your silent auction starts, and many of these tasks can be streamlined using silent auction software. To start, bidders simply navigate to your online silent auction page – this can be accessed via desktop, tablet, cell phone, or any mobile device. To accommodate both of these bidding channels, every Accelevents mobile silent auction has a custom fundraising webpage and its own unique phone number. Donors can then bid using either or both of these channels throughout the course of your fundraiser.
For fixed-price consignment items, add 10% to your cost if the item sells. And for TravelPledge items, use the minimum bid we provide you. For the uninitiated, procuring auction items seems like a daunting task. Commonly, silent auctions provide an open bar for the first hour or a limited number of drink tickets. After that, people can purchase drinks with cash or their bid number.
Some of the recent developments have been the use of the Internet both as a means of disseminating information about various auctions and as a vehicle for hosting auctions themselves. Alternatively, you can also auction off something signed by a celebrity. Autographed music and sports memorabilia perform really well in auctions. You might want to auction off a reserved parking space at a popular paid lot downtown for one year. Think of local and national championships in football, baseball, basketball, swimming, volleyball – anything you can procure and/or you know your audience has an affinity for.
Provide your name, address, phone number and indicate if you are also available for the rain date. The team behind Arts4Wokingham are planning a new postcard exhibition later this autumn, and are appealing for artists to come forward. Terry Gillette was instrumental in obtaining funds from the Saguache County Commissioners through a Sales Tax Grant to build this stage. The Saguache Chamber of Commerce will host this event on Saturday, September 16, 2023, in Otto Mears Park from 10am until 4pm. You will find the Saguache Sagebrush Quilters inside the Community Building. On display and some for purchase will be the hard work of these folks.
In many cases, more is not always merrier and from experience, you want to use the number of guests in the room/expected online reach as a guideline to how many you should include. 10% of your guest attendance is the recommended amount of auction items to include and so, for a room of 250 guests, aim to have around 25 auction items. Enough to give a good selection, but not too many to discourage any competitive bidding.
Silent auctions are a good option if the auction is being held as part of another event – an annual dinner or the like. In donations for silent auction , a silent auction can be conducted in a side room or in a corner of the event space. In the past and even still some today, organizers would set up items on tables throughout the space, with paper bidding sheets in front of each item. This has historically worked fine, with bidders circling the room and checking on their items to see if they have been outbid. Typically, organizations pick the best of their silent auction items to be in the super silent auction.