How To Kiss: 26 Tips To Be A Better Kisser, From Experts

No one wants to kiss a tense face or get jabbed with a sharp tongue. A sharp tongue can be painful for your partner, so loosen it up. Align your lips with your partners and slowly set a rhythm, make sure you and your partner are kissing to the same beat and intensity, so to speak. It’s awkward and uncomfortable when both parties are doing their own separate thing, so get on the same page. You can lock lips, kiss softly, or go for the full-on French.
You kiss your partner when you greet him, you kiss him when you bid goodbye and you kiss him before and after sex. You even kiss during sex to increase the arousal. Kissing has many facets but all of them majorly sum up to desire. You kiss someone only when you find that person desirable. A perfect kiss stirs up your soul and makes you crave with raw desire.
You don’t want a guy to feel like he’s “ruining” something by kissing you. What I mean here is to warm up your hands and even your lips before you go for the kiss. The colder you feel, the more it will steal energy from your kiss. And lips are fairly sensitive, so delicate pressure is best.
Not everyone uses verbal cues, especially when their lips are otherwise occupied. That means you can learn more about what is (and isn’t) working by paying close attention to your partner. If there’s a height difference, you can always rest your hands on your partner’s hips or lower back (but don’t overthink it). Try slipping your hands around your partner’s neck, using one to stroke their hair, or moving one hand to each place. Dip your head — or gently guide your partner’s face to the side — if you’re worried about banging foreheads. porn malay and TV shows might make sudden, surprise kisses seem romantic, but it’s essential to have someone’s consent before you touch or kiss them.
Speak up if the stubble is painful, and see if you enjoy kissing elsewhere instead. You can also soothe mild beard burn with a little moisturizer or Vaseline. Dial things back if either of you starts to get slobbery.
You want to her to remember you as confident, not opportunistic. Acting confident will also make you feel more confident and will make you much more attractive to her. Knowing how to kiss a woman will help you build on the attraction with a new girl. Or show your girlfriend exactly how you’re feeling about her.
After all, when you kiss him, his body will be pressed up against yours. If you’re doused in perfume, he’ll smell it. You have a free evening to kill and he discovers a butt plug in your play chest. You’re just getting out of the shower when he produces a set of handcuffs.
Remember, everyone has gone through having their first kiss. Odds are that most people are more awkward about it than you’ll be, even if you don’t know it. Increase the intensity with occasional breaks. Pull away for a moment to look into your partner’s eyes, whisper something in his or her ear, or simply catch your breath and marvel at your good fortune.