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The Best Astronomy Apps for iOS and Android

As astronomers continue to explore space, that number continually rises. All scopes have their uses and my recent experiments with the Regal 100 ED have proven very fruitful when I go prime focus and use a small QHY5 mono eyepiece camera (1.25″). Weather permitting I get excellent results for astrophotography work, albeit using my tracking mount. This just … Read more

GuocoLand Bids $576M for Lentor Central Site in Singapore

I’ll also touch on their breakeven pricing and include my estimation of the potential selling price. The location of Lentor Hill Residence is ideal for anyone looking for a convenient and stylish lifestyle. The development is close to shopping, dining, entertainment, and public transportation, making it easy to get around. Lentor Hills estate is full … Read more

10 Best Online Sportsbooks & Top Sports Betting Sites in 2023

Super Smash exists since the beginning of the T20 format and the league has become quite popular in the international circuit. Truthfully, the type of bonus you should claim will depend on your preferences. To ensure you can reach out when something unexpected occurs, we made sure to list top gambling sites with 24/7 customer … Read more

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